Follow this guide if you already have a Hackintosh install and only wish to make this install compatible with AHCI BIOS settings and RAID BIOS settings, (Useful for a dual-boot scenario)
Open Finder
Click the 'Go' drop-down menu, then 'Go to Folder'

Enter the Directory:

This will now open the contents of the .kext we need to edit
Copy the file 'Info.plist' to your desktop
Right-click 'Info.plist' (on your desktop) and open with TextEditor
(Or whatever your preferred plist editor is, but for this tutorial i will use this as it is the most standard)

Scroll down to the <key> labelled ICH10AHCI
In the <dict> section find the <key> labelled IOPCIPrimaryMatch this contains the <string> we must edit
It should currently have the value 0x3a228086 (Please confirm this before continuing)

We now need to add the string 0x8228086
You should now finally have a key written as:

<string>0x3a228086 0x8228086</string>
Now save and close this file
Copy 'Info.plist' from the desktop back to the folder we have open in finder
(If you have closed it see steps 1 - 4)
You will have to confirm you want to overwrite the original file and provide your admin password.

Now repair kext permissions with your chosen utility (KextHelper, MultiBeast)
Once this is down shutdown your Hackintosh change BIOS settings to RAID and reboot!

Congratulations you can now boot in RAID!

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