Jailbreaking Windows RT

Download the files needed here.
First extract runExploit.bat to a folder on your tablet (a folder simply on the Desktop will suffice).
Right-click and run runExploit.bat as Administrator.
The first time this is run an instance of Windows PowerShell will open which installs a Modern UI app needed for the exploit.
In PowerShell Type 'Y' and press enter.
Type 'R' and press enter again.
Another PowerShell will now pop up - To proceed type 'R' and press enter.
Type 'Y' and press enter to continue.
Press enter one more time to close the PowerShell.
CMD.exe will now run the exploit prompt you to press Volume Down button and then exit.

Congratulations you are now Jailbroken!

Try to run runExploit.bat one more time to verify the process worked.

*This is an untethered exploit and therefore you will need to rerun the runExploit.bat process on each reboot. However after the first time the PowerShell steps are not necessary*

Where to get compiled Applications:

Check out xda-developers forum here to download compiled apps ready to run on your newly Jailbroken device.

Sources and credits:

  • Tool has been made and packaged by Netham45.
  • Source page here.
  • Development process documented here.
  • Original Exploit from clrokr.
  • Exploit documentation here.

I will be uploading another post documenting the methodology used behind this exploit soon.

Follow me @BraddStevo if you want to ask any questions or more information

Have Fun!

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